"Historically, women have been especially avid users. Between December 2009 and December 2012, women were significantly more likely than men to use social networking sites in nine out of ten surveys we conducted. During this period, the proportion of women who used social media sites was 10 percentage points higher than men on average. When we include earlier surveys and our latest reading (spanning May 2008 through May 2013), the average difference falls slightly to 8%. Currently, three-quarters (74%) of online women use social networking sites." 

8%: The average gap between the proportion of men and women who use social media

It’s a woman’s (social media) world | Pew Research 

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    Ha. Isn’t it really because we are social creatures by nature and we have found another niche in which to socialise?
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    #FridayFunFact: cool stats on the few social networks favored by men vs. women. Twitter and Reddit. That’s it....
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