Comparing House of Cards to Arrested Development activity on Tumblr

This spring, Netflix released several original TV programs directly to its online streaming service. Its two biggest shows so far have been House of Cards and Arrested Development. We tracked Tumblr posts about both shows for a month - two weeks before and two weeks after their release. Take a look at these metrics. 

  • Both shows had a huge spike in volume on the day Netflix released them (and everyone sat on their couch for hours watching and Tumbling about it) and slowly decreased over time. 
  • Post volume is vastly different between shows: 54.4k posts for Arrested Development vs. <6k for House of Cards. The huge, preexisting fan base for AD coupled with the anticipation for the new season probably accounts for this difference. 
  • Photo posts, as always, were the most popular post type, but the third place post types here were interesting. The prevalence of video in the AD conversation - sharing the trailer for the new season, probably; it’s one of the top ten posts on the subject - while HoC had more links leading the conversation away from Tumblr.

Did you watch both these shows? Did you talk about them on Tumblr?

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  4. revolutionscummer answered: There’s a huge preestablished AD fanbase. I love HoC but it’s honestly more niche and has to grow it’s own fandom.
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  6. alviboyo answered: Watching Arrested Development, but will get House of Cards. I did talk about AD on tumblr!
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